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be transmitted to the governor and of which a certain
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and those of others that operations for epilepsy pro
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rlie turtle aud a transverse segment from an old dry
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it is very persistent. When th grain of aconitine is employed
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circulation and mature only when they have been deposited in
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and more stiffness and often more pain than in simple flat foot
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formed pass into circulation is more satisfactory than
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face of the ulna and the carpus toward the flexor as
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ulation. By using atropine the inhibition of the heart
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Unless the patient has some antecedent affection of
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Purviance George surgeon. Detailed as Chairman Board
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Medical Department of Laval University Montreal died re
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careless mode of milking which is often adopted. A considerable
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puffy and tender and the left side of the neck inflamed. The
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fourth stomach and choke it u and produce disease and even death.
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Two or three sutures according to the size of the calculus having
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at the base of the heart. This was very rough in character but
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infiltrated in the part. The edges of the sore were infil
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do with. The ewe should be driven into the pound and after having
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was decided best to attempt the restoration of the ali
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due to prolonged obstruction to the outflow of bile but in
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foot in this soft land et the horn becomes so exceedingly unsound
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to the lumbar region. There was also some degeneration in
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ody. The tape worms of cattle and sheep as well as those of
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disease are occasionally met with in the class of cases
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cells which grow in between the alimentary canal and
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ment of the fractured and depressed bone is not based
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even under these miserable conditions expressions of gratitude
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there is time for the few corpuscles to sink and leave the
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of the year have been admitted into too fertile a pasture hence is
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expulsion oi the parasites as is seen when it is employed in
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he advises blistering and mercurial ointment for the local joint
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was much confused as to the shape of objects placed on the
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allow very strongly because of these nine central cases there
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George A. Lung assistant surgeon detached from Navy

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