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say that one tissue is yellow another blue another red the

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pus mixed with blood was obtained. The wound was dressed

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lower limit and it is hardly to be expected that an abscess cavity

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touch was more especially involved that the lesion would be

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fluctuating sensation could be felt especially at the back of the

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Imsten the fatal termination and the only hope of recovery must

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the bacillus was present in them all the while previous

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ment membrane towards the epithelioma is a striking

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so much safer than the chlorine that I mucli prefer it. It is

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tracts especially the left in the cord there was marked dege

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edge or dried gum on the glass lid prevents the triangle

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tissue in the lung substance and the new fibrous tissues

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from Glisson s capsule and from the portal vein. Behind the

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in good condition not only between the muscles but the fibres of the

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Imsten the fatal termination and the only hope of recovery must

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quently increased the quantity to five cubic centime

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and aiding his son s natural bent. Under these circumstances

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