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ment is generally at the ends of the fingers, inside, and is usually caused by pricks,

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or eruptions upon the body ? Is the patient emaciated or dropsical ?

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assembly of Connecticut in May last, by a committee appointed by

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this profession which was founded by a pioneer in American medicine

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use. He had received a pneumococcal vaccine shortly be-

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centres in the northern continent, at Louisiana and at Tracadie, New

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new and valuable hints regarding the preparation of histological material,

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family. I lately saw a young woman who had suffered from

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These are the rule, based not on exceptional cases, but on facts of

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ficult to say what was the actual condition of the lungs. By some

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ordinary medical students, faculty members, housestaff,

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Such, I apprehend, are among the causes, which have prevented Mrs.

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also provided, both in front of and behind the anus, with a number of

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since the beginning of this century and, notwithstand-

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Treatment. — Enemas containing tincture of opium may be

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in most of these cases no careful observations were made during the

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And STUDENTS, that having purchased a stock of the publications of

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therefore the best. I advise it to be cold and stale to some degree."

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also very sickly. The domestics in several families, par-

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mentioned as aifecting either sex, to the ewes being left

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you would have appear, and paste the paper on the decan-

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