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fered to the man who desires knowledge who wants to

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In early life these sufferers are excessively sensitive

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marked signs. If I had to fix upon the most characteristic

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measures than the one ultimately adopted. The border

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tire pelvis filled with hard unyielding inflammatory ex

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qualities fairly into account the South down excels for general pur

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fingers. The abdominal muscles then contract forcini

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tical Hygiene there will be an elementary course in

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It is a striking characteristic of glaucoma as compared with

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of very small children. As digestion increases in activ

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the body are more particularly the symptoms of this disease

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healthy except that the lower lobes of both were collapsed.

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improvement took place after each withdrawal of fluid.

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was forcible and occasionally irregular and when the

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more years the posterior part of the vitreous may be rather

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carry the germs of disease from patient to patient as

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in cords within the enlarged lumen the blood plasma

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non vertebrated animals. This explains why their sepante

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IV. We are constantly reminded that poverty presses

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must be harassed with no unnecessary fears agitated

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pouch was felt a rounded mass which was supposed by

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and other properties. Two properties deserve especial

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wound only until the joint oil disappears will answer the purpose

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fectly correctly recorded. He arrived at the conclu

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arguing that spontaneous combustion could not possi

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labor till the time of my arrival. The os uteri had

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belonged to those who caring less for logical precision

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intention is delivered in a few words hut they are to he

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afterwards it should remain quiescent for some months

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