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flammation and tenderness are removed the joints should be well

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special license from the King two hundred were sent to the Elector

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is as follows To a couple of drachms of the suspected urine

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A recent number of Vratch quotes a statement to the

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In two or three cases the patient appears to have suffered

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was slight in two others and in each of these the urine contained

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character and nature of the pulse will warrant so long as the

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think that it would add to the shock in degree sufficient

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examinations which she had received in a public clinic

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which conduce to this condition. Lastly I have had some cases

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the origin of other chronic diseases including cases of

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Occasionally a slight rise in temperature accompanies

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ently well although nervous applied for treatment at

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influenza foetid breath bowels easy and natural the urine

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It is arranged in pavilions with accommodations for two

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