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considerable pain and distress. The cow is unable to discharge either
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rier. This proved true but how difficult it was can
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going over in spite of prolonged and frequent sponging
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pitifully lows and is centinually voiding its dung or its urine fealiva
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On January th the chancre was nearly well and I find no
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Purging medicines operate by increasing the evacuation of fasces
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the superior laryngeal nerve must be slight and is insufficient
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Two cases are given as examples of traumatic valgus
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Even the occurrence of large numbers only destroys tbe
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escape freely. One of my late students Mr. Gunn of Beauly
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from typhus fever. One new case was reported on Feb
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patient to shrink on that account from his task it particularly be
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death. He was a corresponding member of the Imperial Royal
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fully watched and removed again to the straw yard before the

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