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lasts several hours. She has alaO had a slijiht coui h

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bouring articulation. The joint is very tender hot and full of

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p. and in another the mesenteric glands were caseous

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tion electricity tension. These parts of the research

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coming the joint gradually yields and the parents discovering

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The ratio of these diseases to the thousand taken to

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pincers and so secured or should neither of these methods be prac

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sible cause of epileptic attacks. In general I agree

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these growths and to discuss the possible theories of the origin

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Mayor to petition the legislature for the passage of the

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that in many instances they have not that the disease

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gynecology iJavenport F. H. on the value of electricity in

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fore the influence of epidemics in the frequency or

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the parenchyma is loosened and lacerahle. As the inflammation

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had closed all but the superficial sore and another in the left

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sion within the synovial sac but the most striking character

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Dr. Wells deserves the hearty thanks of the profes

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to be present at the conferences of the College of Saint

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me here and there subtle and far fetched that the principle

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one case and in another C. in one and a half hours.

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probable botli from analogy and from the fact of the

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better machine for grinding down by his ruminating process into

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contracted conjunctivae were sensitive. The pulse was imper

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up with a Martin s bandage on. On January th she was

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to be operated on eventually and in this respect there

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the animal however should be kept for a little while longer as quiet

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be required in order to attract them than is the case if

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escaped detection are its small size and the difficulty

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