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and the gall bladder were gorged with greenish fetid bile. The

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clavicular articulation to the cardiac orifice. It was

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bowels being discharged. In proportion to the quantity of rnucus

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colour. Nearly the whole of the liver was thus affected. A

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all whom it does not assist to competency and to none

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tached piece of horn and every excrescence and fungus and cover

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paratively rapid procedure of artificial anus formation

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was in doubt whether this was an adenoma of the liver or

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the blood rapidly as others had shown and the blood

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tion of the knee chest position as was apparent in my

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Case. Inflammation of the whole of the tongue followed

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shoulder. From September th to October nd great pain

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and freely reconfirmed and this indeed is the first

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The atieut was seen two years later at which time he

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effects and that the symptoms produced by them when given

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Field indicate the violent and too long continued action of

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Nitrites. Their therapeutic actio U and scope in medical practice

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and currents. To this I have given the name of micro

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neurotic inheritance. One case had an insane father another

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the vault of the vagina was painted with iodine. Early

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chlorosis. Wine animal food quinine and the other so called

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this finger up tightly with the other finger and with

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with only a narrow chink of about one twentieth of an inch

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relations were such as to show that the nodule had de

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succession of growls Ten generations ago he was a gar

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action in allaying the rheumatoid and neuralgic pains

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of hydronaphthol. I hope that in the near future we

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half an ounce mix with a pint of good ale made hot.

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whether crystalline or membranous solid or fluid but

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out this lung trouble but this fact instead of being adduced as

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been unable to retain food and was extremely restless

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perforated by so many of these holes that it cannot be used in

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gated with boracic acid solution and closed with silk

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