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intentions. His first intention was the generation of
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lin Lamson had purchased of a chemist and druggist at Ventnor
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protruding from the mouth and the papillae on the affected
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stitch and firmly bandaged afterwards. If this does
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my text of to day. I descried that wealth in the full
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have been included in the study of the circulation
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care on August rd with a hard oval shaped swelling
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every instance associated with glaucoma. He believes
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A. L. jiHoN medical director detached from Naval Hospital
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little air bubbles upon their surface when discharged from the
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upon them. When the true character of these substitute
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highest. Entirely self reliant he the same time
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the proper extent of their professional duty and the
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her arrest nor indeed any article containing lead acetate.
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acid if the organisms are ab initio in a solution con
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ascertained that the power of infection did not extend more than a
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Microscopically these patches are either entirely denuded
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sent back to his ward. The anaesthesia remained in the left
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of the paraffine and to terminate in a small metal ball.
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times called upon to dress is surprised that there are
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ical lesion not due to preparation for the microscope or
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enteritis by veterinarians is a true inflammation at all as its
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it was normal. On this day we noticed for the first
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External inflammation sometimes results from causes which affect
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There is throbbing of the great vessels in the neck and below
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success. A number of hundred looms on mouslines are already in
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the above mentioned cases and some later ones which he
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the sick organism are nnk lown to us. It is probable
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wall of the belly and entered the paunch. The vapour has then
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letting down as easily as he possibly can. In such a
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on one only. Some examples are figured and explain them
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was no redness nor puffiness about the joints. He gave his
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as being long fine and well calculated for combing and fleeces
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of his birds had died from suffocation but he tells us tliat
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form in the English language will be found peculiarly
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accounts of a panic caused in an American town last year
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round or angular cells of the indifferent or undifferentiated
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tures made in the skin burned like carburetted liy
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purchased for the museum of Guy s whilst some have since found
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On April th under chloroform an exploratory incision was
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partial dementia due to the convulsions and get into

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