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was converted into a suppurative thecitis by an incision
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he might accomplish and satisfy his own desires for
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Our legislative committees have to listen sometimea
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The outer border as it reaches the ground is held in
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land is thus wonderfully sustained and improved for the production
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We will now speafc of some other cases recently under
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being confined to bed. Has lost flesh considerably. Night
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had fitted to the side to catch the faeces otherwise he
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in Fig. was produced. The pulse immediately became very
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degree of inflammatory action pervades the entire frame.
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These again point to anajmia of the brain and death
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the forms of leuchaemia with enlargement of other organs of
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demonstrated by direct experiment upon the inferior
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moment. I cannot allay the suspicion that under the
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two physicians who have been five years in practice
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thrown from the platform of an electric car striking
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other purposes and it has been thought advisable to
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ton and Lowell Railroads. The railroad fare is fifteen cents
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found in the spleen and lymphatic system in cases after
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case of gangrenous hernia should an enterorrhaphy be
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able phenomena which attend its cure by the application of
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pain in his chest and a feeling of stifling which was relieved by
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more than the present inmates. This building was formerly
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with which it runs its course and in its intensity and fatality the
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were so deep that the flesh rolled out presenting rag
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rare yet it is obvious from the rudimentary nature of the

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