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make preparation for laparotomy to secure the bleed
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opening is made through soft parts by the most direct
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Condition on admission. Low and depressed pale skin cold.
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The softer or more largely myxomatous variety of the en
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thickenings externally and their appearance was in favour of
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synovitis. Seeing that it was probably set up by the lochial dis
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escape of the effused blood. The fomentations should be continued
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ot the host that they congregate together interlace one with
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way implies a difference in the method of progression
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llichlin who in published a good epitome of all that was
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and a cadaverous smell proceeded from him it was seldom that he
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our special and particular aid. If nature were a curer
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painstaking measures which aid and cure through daily
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ago by Mr. Ilorsley and there are very few cases if
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electrical irritability. One or two cases are reported
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time. The general character of her symptoms had been as
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of purg ative medicine will be all that is required. Should the ani
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proved a failure as the spasm had returned in an ag
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new physical truths. The idea that arterial blood is a
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of coughing is over he feels as though a heavy weight dropped
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It has been somewhere said that our enlightened minister in Eng
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and tlirough this was passed a filiform bougie. The
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them. At times she was dirty in her habits and obstinate about
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soon found in supposing the thing to have been aban
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