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cularly the case in the murrain which prevailed in France in.

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that are in high condition it will be quite necessary to keep the

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Aloetic purgatives if combined with tympanitis oil turpen

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of the frame. All along the small intestines the duodenum jejunum

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The bleeding should be repeated in three or four hours if the

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upon the inner surface of the walls of the vessels are

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into two parts just how this takes place is not known.

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may be excited by localized electrical stimulation but

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of sheep with the following correspondence opened on the part of

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but the vesicular murmur is feeble and masked by the laryn

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feeling better. She was never delirious. Her temperature was

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the severe pain was what demanded the operation the

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TJie results of administration in twenty seven cases

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suggested to his mind uteri bicornate. The histories

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little in common with the operation originally pro

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as thick as one s little finger and distended with soft puriform

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giving just that instruction which a sanitary inspector

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