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if there are any conditions which make it probable that

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be forged the testimony of po st office clerks experienced in. detecting the

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delirium benefit from bromides all found in both. The lesions in

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Logic M.B. to be Captain dated October Lieutenant Cholmondeley Webb

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tion from its gastro intestinal tract. It was found in general that the

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of a rabid animal alone capable of exciting the disease

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that time prevalent at Marseilles. The result was the publication by

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liest feelings and respect of the whole population of Atlanta

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tations and a main object must be to disinfect the bladder. This

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the invention would appear to have died with the inventor.

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the fish is but a homely epitome of the law of existence.

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and physical signs correct diagnoses have been made in

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and vesicles aftecting various other organs in their functional

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without plaster. The McLean is the only one with rounded corners.

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conjoined nuclei of the spinal accessory vagus an hypoglossal

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wool is such that by capillary attraction perspiration is

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rule the patient cannot walk and is therefore transported

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at first were not long in acquiring a formidable character. Soon no

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master to pay every attention to its prevention. For this pur

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already been made to this inquiry in the general article on Infection.

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infectious disease Guiteras and others believe that

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the much greater degree of constriction at pylorus.

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The Army L islative Committee through Chairman J. P. Turner re

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acid. In a third and much smaller group of patients the pains are

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puSy and in every case though six to ten days after operation the

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the judicious use of baths. Quite recently he had seen persist

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for the good of the community and the credit of our noble profession.

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sciousness and the steady disappearance of the hemiplegia

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attracted much attention. Scarlatiniform rashes may occur under two

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increased in size rather rapidly. It was soft and fluctuating from the

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secondary infection and which do not invariably termi

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to writing prescriptions for liniments. We will write a

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patient remained under observation for six months and had only

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drawn from all this experience and conflict of evidence

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boy of six years who entered the hospital December com

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