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sixty. The fluid thus made does not equal that given as nor
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ple when in a weak solution of malic acid are attracted
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of diseases to the total mortality. For the purpose of
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may however be mentioned that in horned cattle which have
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little farther out three eighths of an inch outside nipple.
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In eighty per cent. at least of the patients I have
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evidently thrive better are sooner fit for the market and weigh
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no direct relation to the increase in the density of the
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laboratory. The tub has a hole at its side to drain off by
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which he defines as a disease of advanced or middle
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the secretion was rapidly re infected and that it was
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cystic. I punctured it with a lancet and evacuated a
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The corneal corpuscles are most uncertain in their preparation.
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ated by some of the usual purgatives and the Epsom salts are the
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the old writers. Occasionally it is seen as a complication of red
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fever and the pain if not much diminution of discharge attended the
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class sections were made thus for one session is the use of pith
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induction from the blood the vascular membranes and
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opening free and I see nothing to be gained by insert
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On the other hand we know that the tension may become
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strong animals move it the two front pair have a great length of
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Cases are recorded of polypi or other tumours in the stomach
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myxomata i.e. it consists of irregular many branched cells
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outside world which is so necessary to give breadth and libe
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ofVe ennar.Surgery I need only refer to it uL a Tcond
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physician and trust that in the one way or the other
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sionally until he is summoned to attend them in labor
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horse has sometimes been attached to the cords. The fcstus has been
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ever in the intestinal calibre. The history of my first
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small amounts of the iodide but believed the amount
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hospitals of Lourcine St. Antoine St. Louis and La Pitie a
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