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species of acarus it was supposed that similar cutaneous diseases might arise from

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striking than that of the skin the gums and the conjunctiva

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dromata usually contain more or less perfect gland tissue PI.

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ei lit days it got decidedly worse and was now very thirsty

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tinct redupHcations during what should have been the

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and itching. In three or four weeks the skin resumed

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to these can be studied. Also vertical sections through ends of

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in the face of the other disadvantageous circumstances

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tend to lose the ability to nurse children. Whether

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or sudden the danger is yet greater. There is generally some in

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operation was not performed under the spray but the wound

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whose marbles flashed back the morning light on the

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cian to try to find out the cause of the trouble although

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in some diseases the hfematin of the blood is changed into bile

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linger both bound down firmly. The adhesions on the

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surgeon Captain Henry S. Kilbourne assistant surgeon

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it is an opinion they cannot avoid they see the reasons

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out soft or as a solid which soon breaks down under both

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or record given of astigmatism but simple spherical

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has subsided it will be necessary to administer calmatives such

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