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affect the belly they may be restrained by a bracer.

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ing to bite or scratch its loins. In one instance this symptom

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Two or three other specimens of this abnormal muscle were

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nature of symptoms the indications of cure of disease.

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lungs exhibited old pleuritic adhesions and hypostatic congestion

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therefore I believe we must go back to the old method and apply

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after a man another after a part of a man another after

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Tig.. Observe the shell opening by a lid and the embryo

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Douglas the surgeon and brother of the doctor a man

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curved round so as to get behind the artery. The sigmoid

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tions and followed these eminently practical directions

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tc be administered. The debility from which the animals suffer

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weeks more the use of the thumb was fully restored.

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formed into red corpuscles. The occurrence of what have been

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through the ends of the yoke the draught is applied precisely as in

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cases. The plexus of veins in the portal fissure was examined

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tenotomy but by putting the patient absolutely at rest in bed

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Examination by analysis has shown that native canned

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his remedies he ceased his attendance on September th. She

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mon carotid. The right sterno hyoid and sterno thyroid muscles

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