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Abdomen acute and chronic peritonitis. There were three

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already shown to reach with the finger as far as the

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against strife towards despair or imbecile fatuity.

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organisms or their products are responsible for the

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for some months and the model was near completion when

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element of these errors. Although the subject is an

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been defibrinated and exposed briskly to agitation in the

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eyes are anxious protruding and red the animal frequently and

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to normal was accomplished in about the same time a

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only too rapidly has declared in the quick desire for

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sis. In a part of such cases the pleurisy is doubtless

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namely because of the introduction into the system of

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the tissue cells and the resulting death and necrosis of

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Three years before admission he had a warty excrescence

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opium poisoning. When he read the report of his tes

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I do not pretend to doubt the accuracy of the diagnosis

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Progress of the case. She steadily went on to a fatal

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apposition. The stridor had been noticed about three days.

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the report of the medical otticer of the Local Government Board

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