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intoxicating fluids used in the kingdom in one year was

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from flocks of quality like mine from coarser flocks the return is

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Calves received the infection from the cow and the calf on the other

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cortex due to the crippled circulation of permanently thickened

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title has just appeared. It is edited by Judson Daland

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contribute to nutriment. It is on this account that when an animal

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that the slightest degree of astigmatism of this char

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principally the starchy and saccharine articles of food

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in seeing what at first were minor but afterwards be

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believe it to be undoubtedly true that the laws in re

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gress made in definite knowledge of the disease by observation

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back scanty and irregular menstruation and also mad fits

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another retinue a ragged jagged clothes torn flesh

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rapidity and cleanliness stands first. When the manipulative

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flammation is abated. A purgative should quickly follow and we

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the course of a few hours ajfter the administration had

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